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PARIS BAULDWIN Vice President of Programming

Paris Bauldwin is an award-winning Director, Writer, and Executive Producer. As Vice President of Antoinette Media, she has executive produced a plentitude of shows, including Couples Retreat, Family Reunion, Caught in the Act: Unfaithful, Shaunie & Keion: Destination I Do, Run It Back!, and the smash hit Love & Hip Hop franchise.

Bauldwin has developed and produced projects for Bravo, Fox, NBC Universal, and Facebook Watch. Prior to joining Antoinette, she served as an Executive Producer for Paramount, overseeing and developing a variety of VH1 docuseries.

After receiving her master’s degree in Film and Video Production, Bauldwin had her directorial feature debut with The Fix, which earned nominations at the American Black Film Festival for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and the prestigious Audience Award. The film took home the Audience Award and is currently streaming on Amazon to rave reviews. Previously, Bauldwin debuted films at the Cannes Film Festival’s Court Meritage and received nominations at the UK Film Festival and Madrid International Film Festival for her distinguished storytelling and ability to keep her finger on the pulse of the industry and broader cultural climate.

Bauldwin’s love for storytelling grew from her humanitarianism, which she developed attending protests with her activist father, Robert Bauldwin, as early as age seven in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. She has gone on to champion philanthropic efforts through various organizations, personal endeavors, and most importantly through her efforts as a creator and producer for the silver screen.